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Our opportunities and offers

We work without an advance payment!

All you need to do is send us your scanned files
For files less than 10MB in total send to:
For the best results we recommend sending us the best original scan if possible

Step 2...
We do our work
and send you the fixed files in low resolution or with a watermark.

Step 3...
If you like our work, send us payment.

Step 4...
After that we will send you the fullsize files.

Price list:

Prices start from $3 for a quick fix, (standard post - processing)
- crop and composition control,
- color correction, brightness and contrast, 
exposure and white balance,
- red eyes,
- lens correction,
- small detail correction

Custom Retouch, such a portrait retouchig, body lines improval, photo restoration, colorizing, montage:
prices start from $10

Payment method:
PayPal service

Pay Pal


We provide complete photo editing services from photo enhancing to restoration and from photo correction to photo painting. We can transform your photo from normal to excellent.

The pictures posted on this site are all original examples of photo processing made by us and our partners.

We work with clients from all over the world.
To contact us or send files for estimation:


Professional photo retouching and post - processing for you

photo retouching and post - processing
Place your mouse cursor over the image. See the change?

Thanks to the development of photographic equipment, digital photography is now available to all, but we are not always happy with the results. 
Even the most expensive camera will never see the picture as our eyes do. 
Our masters of photoshop prepare your photos for printing, uploading on the Internet and fulfill any other wishes. 
Wherever you are, in any country of the world, order processing images in the Artik Studio. 
Send your photos via email and we will send you the finished product.

portolio and photosession

Fashion retouching for models and photographers. Photoshoot and portfolio

Every girl probably thinks she is unphotogenic, but that isn't true.
- Find a good photographer. 
- Find suitable pose and makeup. 
- We'll do our best to enhance your photos and you will love what you see!
Often during a photo shoot, a lot of pictures are taken under similar conditions. 
It's best to process them all at the same time. 
We offer big discounts for batch photo shoots.
For your choosing, the most successful photographs can be edited in different genres.

Photo composition and colour

Photo composition

What is required for making the best composition:
-Cut unwanted portions of your photo. Find the most "interesting" region in an image and suggest the right cropping for it based on the size you need
- Balance the composition  
- Change the angle of the horizon 
- Add new or erase undesirable elements
Make the photograph more enjoyable for the eye to see

Color correction, brightness and contrast, 

Color correction, brightness and contrast, 
exposure control and white balance adjusting

Cloudy weather, unfortunate lighting, bad camera, faded colors... Sometimes a camera automatically changes the colour balance in a photo so that it isn't an accurate representation of what you saw. We'll adjust the colour to make the photo look as good as it possibly can.
quote from a request: 
- improve the color of the skin on the face, remove the light skin tone from the legs, add a little tan (on the picture with the white bathrobe). The color of the photos themselves is very dim as they were filmed with a bar of soap, in a foggy weather (which spoiled them). Increase overall brightness and contrast of the colors as you see fit, so it won't look foggy

body lines, some defects of face and figure

Plastic surgery clinic

Often, we do not like our body lines in the pictures we take, as well as different imperfections of the face and figure.
Modern processing methods allow photographers to quickly correct those flaws 

- Attached is a photo of me with my ​​husband. My face glares, teeth have different colors, wrinkles on the neck. Neck skin color differs from the rest of the body... Andrei's face shines too much ... And he has a big belly, and on it - a greasy spot. Can this be fixed?

improve a little oval face, make it wider), especially in the area of the cheeks, cheekbones, reduce chin

Beauty salon

-- Sending a few photos. The problem as follows - I lost weight and it spoils my look on the photos I take , especially the face - all features are very sharp, they are far from ideal already and now they are even worse (you need to improve the shape of the face - make it wider), especially in the area of the cheekbones. Just to "shorten" the face itself - reduce the chin line, make the line more correct. Reduce the nose size (It has swollen after a skiing accident, and there is a very visible wound there, remove it. In general, add an overall image "tunning"), as it's often done - more effectively correct the line of the eyebrows, change the mouth curvature - more smile...
Art portrait retouching

Art portrait retouching

Portrait - probably one of the most popular genres in photography. 
Anyone who is interested in photography likes to make portrait photos. 
Retoucher's task is not to redraw the face and simply eliminate defects, but rather make it smoother, healthier, fix some flawed lighting, give volume to the face and add more expression to it.
Get yourself younger, by vanishing signs of oldness.

Photomontage and collage

Photomontage and collage creation

Offered services:
Changing the background of the image. 
- Panoramic montage for home design. 
- Making images for printing on a puzzle. 
- Undressing and Dressing, replacement of different clothing. 
- Replacing parts of the body or the whole body. 
- Cutting individuals from a group shot. 
- Combining several photos into one big image. 
- Inserting different elements and inscriptions .

Photo restoration

Photo restoration

We offer you to repare your old photographs. 
- Removal of surface scrathces.
- Restoring torn photos from their pieces.
- Making memorial photos.
Restoring your favourite old damaged photos containing all your precious family memories. Our professionals will ensure individual care and attention to your precious photo.

optical lens distortion correction

Lens Correction

The photo result  is different from what we perceive with our eyes.
Defects such as color halos in contrast areas may appear in the image , darkening around the edges of the frame and change in the geometry of objects. 
These disadvantages can be safely attributed to the optical lens distortion.

Colorizing black and white photos

Colorize your old black and white Family Photos

Colorizing black and white photos is not done by an artist nowadays, but by a retoucher.
We can restore and colorize your old photographs of any content or quality. 
Reviving of the face, restoration of natural color.
Unlimited choice of rich colors and shades, effects and clothing materials.

product photos on online store

Advertising and product pictures on your online store

How to increase sales of your online store? 
If you are the owner of an online store or a catalog, this page is for you! 
What we offer for you:
- Preparation of your product images for publication.
- Adding your desired background image or color.
- Changing the size and shape of your photos.
- Remove minor logos, unnecessary details and inscriptions, date stamp from your any product photos.

Low prices and fast execution time - that's the difference in our service!